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Process And Port Analyzer 2.0

Process And Port Analyzer is a packet viewer and sniffer
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Process And Port Analyzer is an important network auditing utility for network administration. The program analyzes all running system processes: you will be able to view the process ID, name, path and memory consumption. When you click on a process, a window will list all associated system libraries.

The program can detect all open ports and the processes which are listening for connections on these ports, plus the process IDs. Established connections are also analyzable and are located in a single window where you can view different details, such as the remote port and IP plus the path of the executable. A useful feature of this program is the ability to read data packets.

The integrated network sniffer enables you to monitor all the traffic on the local network and detect many network viruses, network hacking attempts and even spy on the local network users. It can also dump traffic logs from different protocols to an external log file. It doesn't work properly for a long time according to the developer's instructions, though.

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  • Supports Windows Vista
  • Ability to dump packets


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